Frustration and fun at the Great Wilderness Challenge

It’s not every day you get offered the chance to have a ride in a helicopter through a remote Highland glen. That even put a smile on my face after finally accepting that illness would force me to postpone my attempt at the 25-mile run at the Great Wilderness Challenge until next year.

I had trained well but picked up a bug in the week before the event and left it until the last minute to pull out, optimistically hoping I might make a miraculous recovery. It wasn’t to be.

The reward for accepting the inevitable was the offer of a ride in the chopper to the middle of the course to photograph participants as they came through Carnmore. Now that I could cope with!

Here are the results of my efforts on Saturday (click on any photograph to see a larger version):

  • Please also visit Gary Williamson’s page – any money made from his pictures from the event goes towards the GWC charities.

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