Inverness Half Marathon 2010

Inverness Half Marathon 2010
John before the start of the race. Picture (Gary Anthony) courtesy of SPP

I was taking part in the Inverness Half Marathon yesterday on a warm and showery ‘spring’ day. More than 1300 runners finished the race and I completed it in 1hr 48mins 8secs, which I am delighted with considering the lack of running I have been doing this winter.

It was tough work and I felt a bit of cramp coming in after 10 miles (a sure sign of a lack of training) but I kept going at a reasonable pace to break 1hr 50mins. There was a great atmosphere as usual, despite the old fella who decided he was going to reverse into his drive while a stream of runners were on the pavement!

That was my fifth Inverness Half and – at last – the organisers have changed the final mile so you don’t have to go round the back of the running track before entering the stadium. You’re obviously running the same distance but that change made the finish all the sweeter!

John Davidson, author and journalist, shares his love of the great outdoors from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland

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